A History of the Electron,Jaume Navarro,Cambridge University Press,9781108724432,

Two landmarks in the history of physics are the discovery of the particulate nature of cathode rays ..

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A PRIMER ON STRING THEORY,VOLKER SCHOMERUS,Cambridge University Press,9781316612835,

Since its conception in the 1960s, string theory has been hailed as one of the most promising routes..

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A Students Guide to Vectors and Tensors South Asian Edition,FLEISCH,Cambridge University Press,9781107608689,

Vectors and tensors are among the most powerful problem-solving tools available, with applications r..

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A Students Manual for A First Course in General Relativity-Scott-Camridge University Press-9781107638570

A Students Manual for A First Course in General Relativity-Scott-Camridge University PressThis compr..

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Advanced Concepts in Particle and Field Theory,Tristan Hubsch,Cambridge University Press,9781107097483,

Uniting the usually distinct areas of particle physics and quantum field theory, gravity and general..

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Advanced Concepts in Quantum Mechanics,SUDARSHAN,Cambridge University Press,9781107076044,

Introducing a geometric view of fundamental physics, starting from quantum mechanics and its experim..

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Advances in Disordered Systems, Random Processes and Some Applications,Contucci,Cambridge University Press,9781107124103,

This book offers a unified perspective on the study of complex systems for scholars of various disci..

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An Introduction to Astrobiology,ROTHERY,Cambridge University Press,9781108430838,

How did life on Earth begin? How common is it elsewhere in the Universe? Written and edited by plane..

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