A Primer on American Labor Law 6th edition,William B,Cambridge University Press,9781108458894,

There are many new realities confronting labor in the United States. Technology is redefining tradit..

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A Qualified Hope,Edited by Gerald N. Rosenberg , Sudhir Krishnaswamy , Shishir Bail,Cambridge University Press,9781108474504,

The Indian Supreme Court is widely seen as a vanguard of progressive social change. Yet there are no..

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A Theory of Legal Obligation,Stefano Bertea,Cambridge University Press,9781108475105,

The focus of this monograph lies in the construction of a theory of legal obligation, understanding ..

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Ableism at Work,Paul David Harpur,Cambridge University Press,9781108497305,

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities promotes ability equality, but this is ..

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Access to Justice in Iran,Maranlou,Cambridge University Press,9781107420946,

This book offers a critical and in-depth analysis of access to justice from international and Islami..

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Accessories in Private Law,DIETRICH,Cambridge University Press,9781107063440,

Accessory liability is an often neglected but very important topic across all areas of private law. ..

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Adjudicating Refugee and Asylum Status,Lawrance,Cambridge University Press,9781107069060,

In this book, legal, biomedical, psychosocial, and social science scholars and practitioners offer t..

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Administrative Law from the Inside Out,PARRILLO,Cambridge University Press,9781107159518,

For a generation, Jerry L. Mashaw, the most boundary-pushing scholar in the field of administrative ..

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Africa and the ICC,Clarke,Cambridge University Press,9781107147652,

Africa and the ICC: Perceptions of Justice comprises contributions from prominent scholars of differ..

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Africa and the ICC,Clarke,Cambridge University Press,9781316602119,

Africa and the ICC: Perceptions of Justice comprises contributions from prominent scholars of differ..

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