Tantra Studies

The Yoga of Netra Tantra: Third Eye and Overcoming Death-Bettina Sharda Baumer-D.K. Printworld-9788124609668

The Netra Tantra "Tantra of the (Third) Eye (of Siva)", also called Mrtyujit (Conqueror of Death), i..

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Abhinavagupta ka Tantragamiya Darsana-Navjivan Rastogi-DKPW-9788124609248

This  volume on Tantra philosophy, by a highly esteemed author, is an unparalleled work in the ..

Rs.1,520.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,520.00

Buddhist Tantra and Buddhist Art-T.N. Mishra-dkpd-9788124601419

In (perhaps) secret defiance of the rigid prescriptive codes of the Buddhist monastic order cr..

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Tantra-Hedonism in Indian Culture-Prem Saran-DKPD-9788124600979

This is a brilliant cultural-anthropological study exploring those hedonistic aspects of the p..

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