The Beautifully Indian Hindu Mind-Harsha V. Dehejia-D.K. Printworld-9788124610404

It is through the Indian aesthetic mind and its concepts of the beautiful that the Indian civilizati..

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Absence of the Buddha Image in Early Buddhist Art-Kanoko Tanaka-DKPD-9788124600900

It is next to impossible today to even think of Buddhism without the presence of the Buddha im..

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Amulets and Pendants in Ancient Maharashtra (3rd c. bc to 3rd c. ce)-Jyotsna Maurya-DKPD-9788124601587

The book documents India’s rich tradition of ornamentation as reflected in its numerous and va..

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Buddhist Tantra and Buddhist Art-T.N. Mishra-dkpd-9788124601419

In (perhaps) secret defiance of the rigid prescriptive codes of the Buddhist monastic order cr..

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Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Deities, Demigods, Godlings, Saints and Demons -Fredrick W. Bunce-DKPD-9788124600207

Beginning with a few aniconic symbols, like foot prints, a throne, the Bo tree or stupas, in the ..

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Encyclopaedia of Hindu Deities, Demi-gods, Godlings, Demons and Heros: 3VOLS SET-Fredrick W. Bunce-DKPD-9788124601457

Beginning with a few aniconic symbols, like foot prints, a throne, the Bo tree or stupas, in the ..

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Future Buddha Maitreya-Inchang Kim-DKPD-9788124600825

Maitreya is not just one of the myriad divinities of the Buddhist pantheon; he is revered by the ..

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Gods and Masks of the Kathmandu Valley-Anna Vergati-DKPD-9788124601211

The presence of masks as both ritual and art objects is attested among the traditions of manki..

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India, Another Way of Life-Tzannis Tzannetakis-DKPD-9788124600832

“A journey to India . . . is quite unlike a journey to any other land . . .” — this sentiment ..

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Kingdom of Mewar: Great Struggles and Glory of the World’s Oldest Ruling Dynasty-Irmgard Meininger-DKPD-9788124601440

A Premier princely state of Rajsthan, the erstwhile Rajputana (northwest India), till its merger ..

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