Dimensions of Panini Grammar — The Indian Grammatical System-Kapil Kapoor-D.K. Printworld-9788124603314

Leonard Bloomfield described Panini’s Ashtadhyayi (7th century bc) as ‘one of the greatest monuments..

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Apbharamsa Hindi Kosha:Apabhramsa-Hindi-Dictionary -Naresh Kumar-DKPD-9788124601365

This Dictionary of Hindi — Apabhramsa  gives in detail the grammatical importance of word..

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Linguistic Representations-The Road Ahead-Ramesh Chandra Pradhan-DECENT BOOKS-9788186921586

The essays in this volume deal with the nature of linguistic representations as distinguished ..

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Objectivity & Communicability of Meaning-Sadhan Chakraborti, Gangadhar Kar-DKPD-9788192611440

This collection begins with the assumption that communication through language is possible. Th..

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Some Philosophical Issues in Logic & Language-Sadhan Chakraborti-DKPD-9788192611457

Philosophy of logic and philosophy of language are closely interrelated areas of research. Many ..

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The Concept Of Sentence And Meaning-Dr. Sarath P. Nath-DKPW-9788124610671

Definition And Sense Of The “meaning” Were A Great Concern For The Indian Thinkers. In Order To Fina..

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Vedic Grammar for Students-Arthur A. Macdonell-DKPD-9788124601266

Here is a key to unlock the oldest treasury of mankind’s wisdom: Vedic literature — not just t..

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