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Brahman and the World-Ashokanath Battacharya Sastri-D.K. Printworld-9788194622109

The VedÀnta has been rightly called the Finest Fruit of Indian Thought and the UpaniÈads as the Fine..

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Ramayana Culture — Text, Performance and Iconography-Mandakranta Bose-D.K. Printworld-9788124602249

These essays, originally presented at an international conference, are in the forefront of the moder..

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Dharma and Ethics-The Indian Ideal of Human Reflections-D.C. Srivastava, Bijoy H. Boruah-Decent Books-9788186921517

Set against the background of the contemporary popularity of virtue ethics in the West, this b..

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Encyclopaedia of Hindu Deities, Demi-gods, Godlings, Demons and Heros: 3VOLS SET-Fredrick W. Bunce-DKPD-9788124601457

Beginning with a few aniconic symbols, like foot prints, a throne, the Bo tree or stupas, in the ..

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Ethics and Culture:Some Contemporary Indian Reflections Vol. 2-Indrani Sanyal, Sashinungla-DKPD-9788192570273

The present anthology is a collection of eleven articles on distinguished thinkers of contempo..

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Ethics and Culture:Some Indian Reflections-Indrani Sanyal, Sashinungla-Decent Books-9788186921524

The anthology Ethics and Culture: Some Indian Reflections looks into global and local questions ..

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Sacrifice and Cosmos-Yajna and the Eucharist in Dialogue-Greoge Praseed IMS-DECENT BOOKS-9788186921487

In Hinduism, yajna has been at the centre of Vedic thought and practice, epic and Puranic lite..

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Stuti Manjari (Book with audio cassette)-"Offers a New Approach to the Understanding -Unknown-9788187352006

Stuti-Manjari is a collection of some famous Sanskrit shlokas that form an intrinsic part of the ..

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Through the Lens of Dharma-Ethics-Indrani Sanyal-DKPD-9788192611426

Notwithstanding the profound and vast dimension of the concept of Dharma as such, Through the ..

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