In this unique textbook Jack Simons goes back to basics and focuses on the foundations that lie at t..

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Aromatic Character and Aromaticity,G. M. Badger,Cambridge University Press,9780521095433,

Originally published in 1969, this book analyses the special properties of benzene and its derivativ..

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Crystal Engineering: A Textbook,Desiraju,World Scientific Publishing Company,9789814366861,

This book is important because it is the first textbook in an area that has become very popular in r..

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GROUP THEORY WITH APPLICATION IN CHEMICAL PHYSICS,Jacobs,Cambridge University Press,9780521642507,

Group Theory is an indispensable mathematical tool in many branches of chemistry and physics. This b..

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New Pathways in Inorganic Chemistry,MADDOCK,Cambridge University Press,9780521279130,

This 1968 volume contains a number of authoritative accounts in many areas of organic chemistry. Vol..

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Organic Photochemistry,COXON,Cambridge University Press,9780521189729,

In the decade after this book first appeared in 1974, research involving organic photochemistry was ..

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Qualitative Inorganic Analysis,A. J. Berry,Cambridge University Press,9781316509838,

First published in 1948, as the second edition of a 1938 original, this book was written to provide ..

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Recent Discoveries in Inorganic Chemistry,Hart-Smith,Cambridge University Press,9781316633366,

Originally published in 1919, this book was written in an attempt to summarise some of the most impo..

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The Chemistry of Dyestuffs,M. Fort , L. L. Lloyd,Cambridge University Press,9781316606933,

First published in 1919, as the second edition of a 1917 original, this book was written as part of ..

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The Structures and Reactions of the Aromatic Compounds,Badger,Cambridge University Press,9780521108843,

This 1954 book was the first to be devoted to the fundamental properties of the aromatic compounds a..

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