A History of Chinese Art 2 Volume Hardback Set,LI,Cambridge University Press,9781107016613,

A History of Chinese Art is a lavishly illustrated work covering the history of Chinese art from the..

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Across the South of Asia-Robert DeCaroli-D.K. Printworld-9788124610053

All too often, modern scholarship limits its scope according to the boundaries of contemporary natio..

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Architectural Invention in Renaissance Rome,Elet,Cambridge University Press,9781107130524,

Villa Madama, Raphael's late masterwork of architecture, landscape, and decoration for the Medici po..

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CAMB COMPNION TO DELACROIX,WRIGHT,Cambridge University Press,9780521658898,

The Cambridge Companion to Delacroix serves as an introduction to one of the most important and most..

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CENTRAL CAMBRIDGE,TAYLOR,Cambridge University Press,9780521717182,

The fully revised and updated second edition of this best-selling guidebook is intended for all visi..

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From Sketch-Book and Diary,Butler,Cambridge University Press,9781108081306,

Elizabeth Butler (née Thompson, 1846–1933) and her sister, the poet Alice Meynell, were educated at ..

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Life of Thomas Gainsborough, R.A.,Fulcher,Cambridge University Press,9781108079051,

Born in Sudbury, Suffolk, in 1727, Thomas Gainsborough was perhaps the best-known portrait painter o..

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Mosaics in the Medieval World,JAMES,Cambridge University Press,9781107011984,

In this book, Liz James offers a comprehensive history of wall mosaics produced in the European and ..

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ONTOLOGY OF CONSTRUCTION,Hartoonian,Cambridge University Press,9780521586450,

Ontology of Construction, first published in 1994, explores theories of construction in modern archi..

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Poussin and the Poetics of Painting,Unglaub,Cambridge University Press,9781107626744,

This examines how Poussin cultivated a poetics of painting from the literary culture of his own time..

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Practice and Theory in the Italian Renaissance Workshop,Christina Neilson,Cambridge University Press,9781107172852,

Verrocchio was arguably the most important sculptor between Donatello and Michelangelo but he has se..

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Reminiscences of Rosa Bonheur,STANTON,Cambridge University Press,9781108080736,

Regarded as the foremost animal painter of her time and the most famous female artist of the ninetee..

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