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Delaying Doomsday: The Politics of Nuclear Reversal-Rupal N. Mehta-Oxford University Press-9780197536209

In 1960, President Kennedy warned of a dangerous future, rife with nuclear-armed states and a widesp..

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Development and Human Rights: Rhetoric and Reality in India-Joel E. Oestreich-Oxford University Press-9780197529522

In 2003, the United Nations adopted a common rights-based approach to development in their efforts t..

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Does India Negotiate?-Karthik Nachiappan-Oxford University Press-9780199496686

India plays a key role in addressing multilateral issues like climate change, terrorism, piracy, hum..

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Election Watchdogs: Transparency, Accountability and Integrity-Edited by Pippa Norris and Alessandro Nai-9780190677817

Recent decades have seen growing concern regarding problems of electoral integrity. The most overt m..

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Jihad & Co.: Black Markets and Islamist Power-Aisha Ahmad-Oxford University Press-9780190872656

The rise of militant jihadist groups is one of the greatest international security crises in the wor..

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Measuring Poverty and Wellbeing in Developing Countries: Channing Arndt and Finn Tarp-Oxford University Press-9780198744818

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO licence. It is free ..

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Mexico: What Everyone Needs to Know-Roderic Ai Camp-Oxford University Press-9780190494179

Today all would agree that Mexico and the United States have never been closer—that the fates of the..

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Monsters to Destroy Understanding the War on Terror-Navin A. Bapat-OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS-9780190061463

DescriptionTerrorism kills far fewer Americans annually than automobile accidents, firearms, or even..

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