AN EMPIRE ON TRIAL-Wiener-Cambridge University Press-9780521735070

An Empire on Trial is the first book to explore the issue of interracial homicide in the British Emp..

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Britain's Political Economies,Hoppit,Cambridge University Press,9781316649909,

The Glorious Revolution of 1688–9 transformed the role of parliament in Britain and its empire. Larg..

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Civil Liberties and Human Rights in Twentieth-Century Britain,MOORES,Cambridge University Press,9781107088610,

The National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) was formed in the 1930s against a backdrop of fascis..

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COMMONERS: COMMON RIGHT, ENCLOSUREAND SOCIAL CHANGE IN ENGLAND, 1700-1820,Neeson,Cambridge University Press,9780521567749,

This is one of the most important and original contributions to English rural history to be publishe..

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Crime and Mentalities in Early Modern England,Malcolm Gaskill,Cambridge University Press,9780521531184,

Crime and law have now been studied by historians of early modern England for more than a generation..

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Descendancy,Fitzpatrick,Cambridge University Press,9781107080935,

This book examines Protestant loss of power and self-confidence in Ireland since 1795. David Fitzpat..

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Divided Kingdom-A History of Britain, 1900 to the Present-Cambridge University Press-9781107040915

How has the UK evolved into the country it is today? This clear, comprehensive survey of its history..

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Empire of Sentiment,LEWIS,Cambridge University Press,9781107198517,

This is the first emotional history of the British Empire. Joanna Lewis explores how David Livingsto..

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Essays on Archaeological Subjects 2 Volume Set,WRIGHT,Cambridge University Press,9781108083492,

Thomas Wright (1810–77), antiquarian, archaeologist and historian, wrote many works on all his areas..

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Felony and the Guilty Mind in Medieval England,Elizabeth Papp Kamali,Cambridge University Press,9781108498791,

This book explores the role of mens rea, broadly defined as a factor in jury assessments of guilt an..

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Imperial Underworld,McKenzie,Cambridge University Press,9781107686793,

During a major overhaul of British imperial policy following the Napoleonic Wars, an escaped convict..

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