A History of English Drama 1660–1900 Paperback Set-NICOLL-Cambridge University Press-9780521109321 (PB)

Allardyce Nicoll's History of English Drama, 1660–1900 was an immense scholarly achievement and the ..

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Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil,Kiernander,Cambridge University Press,9780521070973,

This is a full-length study of the renowned French theatre director Ariane Mnouchkine, and her compa..

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British Enlightenment Theatre,Bridget Orr,Cambridge University Press,9781108499712,

In this ground-breaking work, Bridget Orr shows that popular eighteenth-century theatre was about mu..

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CHEKHOV: THE CHERRY ORCHARD,LOEHLIN,Cambridge University Press,9780521533300,

Chekhov's masterpiece, about a Russian family losing its ancestral home, combines a lament for a van..

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Chinese Theatre 3rd Edition,Jin Fu,Cambridge University Press,9780521186667,

Many colorful theatrical activities can be found throughout China. The best known and most unique of..

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Critical Perspectives on Applied Theatre-Hughes-Cambridge University Press-9781107065048

As the twenty-first century moves towards its third decade, applied theatre is being shaped by conte..

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David Garrick and the Mediation of Celebrity,Ritchie,Cambridge University Press,9781108475877,

What happens when an actor owns shares in the stage on which he performs and the newspapers that rev..

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George Bernard Shaw in Context-Kent-Cambridge University Press-9781108458054

Setting George Bernard Shaw's life and work in the dynamic times in which he lived, this collection ..

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Home on the Stage,GRENE,Cambridge University Press,9781107434998,

As a serious drama set in an ordinary middle-class home, Ibsen's A Doll's House established a new po..

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Ibsens Houses Architectural Metaphor and the Modern Uncanny,Mark B. Sandberg,Cambridge University Press,9781107033924,

Henrik Ibsen's plays came at a pivotal moment in late nineteenth-century European modernity. They en..

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Irony and the Modern Theatre,Storm,Cambridge University Press,9781316632413,

Irony and theatre share intimate kinships, not only regarding dramatic conflict, dialectic or wittin..

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Oscar Wilde in Context,Powell,Cambridge University Press,9781316647585,

Oscar Wilde was a courageous individualist whose path-breaking life and work were shaped in the cruc..

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