After the Berlin Wall,Hope M. Harrison,Cambridge University Press,9781107049314,

The history and meaning of the Berlin Wall remain controversial, even three decades after its fall. ..

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Antifascist Humanism and the Politics of Cultural Renewal in Germany,Andreas Agocs,Cambridge University Press,9781108707695,

Antifascism is usually described as either a political ideology of activists and intellectuals confr..

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Belgium and the Congo, 1885–1980,Vanthemsche,Cambridge University Press,9781107449312,

While the impact of a colonising metropole on subjected territories has been widely scrutinized, the..

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Belgium in War,J. H. Whitehouse,Cambridge University Press,9781316633267,

Originally published in 1915, this book records the experiences of John Howard Whitehouse (1873–1955..

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Beyond the Racial State,Pendas,Cambridge University Press,9781316616994,

The 'racial state' has become a familiar shorthand for the Third Reich, encapsulating its raison d'ê..

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Criminal Law in Liberal and Fascist Italy,Paul Garfinkel,Cambridge University Press,9781107520141,

By extending the chronological parameters of existing scholarship, and by focusing on legal experts'..

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Debating Sex and Gender in Eighteenth-Century Spain,Vicente,Cambridge University Press,9781107159556,

Eighteenth-century debates continue to set the terms of modern day discussions on how 'nature and nu..

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Debating the Woman Question in the French Third Republic, 1870–1920,OFFEN,Cambridge University Press,9781107188044,

Karen Offen offers a magisterial reconstruction and analysis of the debates around relations between..

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Designing Memory,Sabina Tanovi?,Cambridge University Press,9781108486521,

This innovative study of memorial architecture investigates how design can translate memories of hum..

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Dissolving Royal Marriages,David dAvray,Cambridge University Press,9781107643994,

Dissolving Royal Marriages adopts a unique chronological and geographical perspective to present a c..

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Economistes and the Reinvention of Empire,Pernille Røge,Cambridge University Press,9781108483131,

Exploring the myriad efforts to strengthen colonial empire that unfolded in response to France's imp..

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