A History of the Bildungsroman,Sarah Graham,Cambridge University Press,9781107136533,

The Bildungsroman has been one of the most significant genres in Western literature since the eighte..

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Academy Dictionaries 1600–1800,CONSIDINE,Cambridge University Press,9781107415126,

This is the first unified history of the large, prestigious dictionaries of the seventeenth and eigh..

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An Introduction to German Poetry,Gray,Cambridge University Press,9781316611982,

Originally published in 1965, this book was written to provide 'a not too obtrusive guide' to German..

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ARABIAN STUDIES,Serjeant,Cambridge University Press,9780521053884,

The articles in this volume cover a wide variety of themes, mainly in the fields of history and soci..

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Dante in Context,Barański,Cambridge University Press,9781108412834,

In the past seven centuries Dante has become world renowned, with his works translated into multiple..

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Franz Kafka in Context,Edited by Carolin Duttlinger,Cambridge University Press,9781107449701,

Franz Kafka (1883–1924) lived through one of the most turbulent periods in modern history, witnessin..

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German Women's Life Writing and the Holocaust,Elisabeth Krimmer,Cambridge University Press,9781108472821,

This important study examines women's life writing about the Second World War and the Holocaust, suc..

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How to Use Books,McColvin,Cambridge University Press,9781316612002,

First published in 1947, as the second edition of a 1933 original, this volume was produced on behal..

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Irish Culture and Colonial Modernity 1800–2000,Lloyd,Cambridge University Press,9781316614853,

From the Famine to political hunger strikes, from telling tales in the pub to Beckett's tortured utt..

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Lyric in the Renaissance,LANGER,Cambridge University Press,9781107526990,

Moving from a definition of the lyric to the innovations introduced by Petrarch's poetic language, t..

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Old Deccan Days,Mary Frere,Cambridge University Press,9781108020770,

First published in 1868, this volume contains a collection of twenty-four traditional stories from t..

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