African Americans and the Pacific War, 1941?Çô1945,Chris Dixon,Cambridge University Press,9781107532939,

In the patriotic aftermath of Pearl Harbor, African Americans demanded the right to play their part ..

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Almost Citizens,Sam Erman,Cambridge University Press,9781108401494,

Almost Citizens lays out the tragic story of how the United States denied Puerto Ricans full citizen..

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America's West,Wrobel,Cambridge University Press,9780521150132,

The American West has influenced important national developments throughout the twentieth century, n..

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American Fair Trade,Laura Phillips Sawyer,Cambridge University Press,9781107434073,

Rather than viewing the history of American capitalism as the unassailable ascent of large-scale cor..

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American Fair Trade,SAWYER,Cambridge University Press,9781107076822,

Rather than viewing the history of American capitalism as the unassailable ascent of large-scale cor..

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American Jewry,Lederhendler,Cambridge University Press,9780521196086,

Understanding the history of Jews in America requires a synthesis of over 350 years of documents, so..

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American Nationalisms,Benjamin E. Park,Cambridge University Press,9781108414203,

America was born in an age of political revolution throughout the Atlantic world, a period when the ..

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American Nationalisms-Park-Camridge University Press-9781108420372

American Nationalisms-Park-Camridge University Press-9781108420372America was born in an age of poli..

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Anti-Catholicism in America, 1620-1860,Farrelly,Cambridge University Press,9781316616369,

Using fears of Catholicism as a mechanism through which to explore the contours of Anglo-American un..

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Before Dred Scott,Twitty,Cambridge University Press,9781107530898,

Before Dred Scott draws on the freedom suits filed in the St Louis Circuit Court to construct a grou..

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Chiefdoms, Collapse, and Coalescence in the Early American South,Robin Beck,Cambridge University Press,9781316615829,

This book provides a new conceptual framework for understanding how the Indian nations of the early ..

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Civil War and Agrarian Unrest,Dal Lago,Cambridge University Press,9781107038424,

Between 1861 and 1865, both the Confederate South and Southern Italy underwent dramatic processes of..

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