A History of the Future,BOWLER,Cambridge University Press,9781316602621,

In this wide-ranging survey, Peter J. Bowler explores the phenomenon of futurology: predictions abou..

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A History of the Global Economy,Joerg Baten,Cambridge University Press,9781107507180,

Why are some parts of the world poor today, while others are rich? At which point in time did they d..

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Algebraic Equations,Mathews,Cambridge University Press,9781107493612,

First published in 1930, as the third edition of a 1907 original, this book forms number six in the ..

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An Economic History of Europe,Persson,Cambridge University Press,9781107095564,

his revised and extended edition of the leading textbook on European economic history has been updat..

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An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Europe,Berend,Cambridge University Press,9781107136427,

This new edition of Ivan T. Berend's leading overview of economic regimes and economic performance f..

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An Essay upon Money and Coins,Harris,Cambridge University Press,9781108078573,

How were the Greeks of the sixth century BC able to invent philosophy and tragedy? In this book Rich..

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An Introduction to Geology,J. E. Marr,Cambridge University Press,9781107426207,

Originally published in 1905, this book provides an introductory guide to the 'scope and methods' of..

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An Introduction to the Study of Integral Equations,Bocher,Cambridge University Press,9781107493490,

First published in 1914, as the second edition of a 1909 original, this book forms number ten in the..

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Ancient Wisdom in the Age of the New Science,Dmitri Levitin,Cambridge University Press,9781107513747,

Seventeenth-century England has long been heralded as the birthplace of a so-called 'new' philosophy..

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Appendicitis,W. H. Bowen,Cambridge University Press,9781107494749,

Originally published in 1937, this book provides a brief clinical study of appendicitis and its comm..

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Banking in Crisis,TURNER,Cambridge University Press,9781107609860,

Can the lessons of the past help us to prevent another banking collapse in the future? This is the f..

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