Advances in Empirical Translation Studies,Edited by Meng Ji , Michael Oakes,Cambridge University Press,9781108423274,

Empirical translation studies is a rapidly evolving research area. This volume, written by world-lea..

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American and British English,Baker,Cambridge University Press,9781107460881,

Is British English becoming more like American English? If so, why, and in what ways? This book comp..

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An Advanced Introduction to Semantics,Igor Mel'?ìuk , Jasmina Mili?çevi?ç,Cambridge University Press,9781108723046,

This book is an advanced introduction to semantics that presents this crucial component of human lan..

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An Advanced Latin Syntax,FRANCIS,Cambridge University Press,9781316611968,

Originally published in 1919, this book presents a guide to advanced Latin syntax. The text was writ..

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An Areal Typology of Agreement Systems,Matasović,Cambridge University Press,9781108420976,

Surveying over 300 languages, this typological study presents new theoretical insights into the natu..

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An Introduction to Grammar for Language Learners-Ringe-Cambridge University Press-9781108441230 (PB)

Learning a foreign language is much easier when it is approached with a knowledge of language struct..

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An Introduction to Language and Linguistics,FASOLD,Cambridge University Press,9781107637993,

A clear and up-to-date introduction to linguistics. This best-selling textbook addresses the full sc..

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Analysing English Sentences,RADFORD,Cambridge University Press,9780521660082,

Andrew Radford has acquired an unrivalled reputation over the past thirty years for writing syntax t..

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Analysing English Sentences,RADFORD,Cambridge University Press,9780521669702,

Andrew Radford has acquired an unrivalled reputation over the past thirty years for writing syntax t..

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Arabic Prose Composition,Weir,Cambridge University Press,9781316626085,

Originally published in 1910, this book presents a guide to Arabic, intended to carry the student 'o..

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Audiovisual Speech Processing,Bailly,Cambridge University Press,9781107499324,

When we speak, we configure the vocal tract which shapes the visible motions of the face and the pat..

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Australian English Pronunciation and Transcription,Felicity Cox,Cambridge University Press,9781316639269,

Australian English Pronunciation and Transcription is the first textbook to clearly describe Austral..

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