Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy-Rita Kakkar-Cambridge University Press-9781108413206

Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy-Rita KakkarSpectroscopy is the study of electromagnetic radiation ..

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A Study of Time in Indian Philosophy-Anindita Niyogi Balslev-DKPW-9788124609613

This book, based on original sources, is an authentic study of the distinctly different views on tim..

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Buddhist Theory of Meaning and Literary Analysis-Rajnish Kumar Mishra-DKPD-9788124601181

For over two millennia, language has been one of the prime concerns in nearly all philosophica..

Rs.550.00 Ex Tax: Rs.550.00

Cultural Glory of Ancient India-A Literary Overview-A Literary Overview-DKPD-9788124601372

India is a land of communities, and Kashmiri Pandits are one of them. Though they are the orig..

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Dhvani:Nature and Culture of Sound-Subhash Chandra Malik-9788124601112

Dhvani (Sound/Nada) is a profound experience that envelopes us from birth to death. Yet it is not..

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Education in Ancient India From Literary Sources of the Gupta Age-Mitali Chatterjee-9788124601136

Mitali Chatterjee’s study of education in ancient India focusses chiefly on over two hundred y..

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Ethics and Culture:Some Contemporary Indian Reflections Vol. 2-Indrani Sanyal, Sashinungla-DKPD-9788192570273

The present anthology is a collection of eleven articles on distinguished thinkers of contempo..

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Ethics and Culture:Some Indian Reflections-Indrani Sanyal, Sashinungla-Decent Books-9788186921524

The anthology Ethics and Culture: Some Indian Reflections looks into global and local questions ..

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Governance in Ancient India- From the Rgvedic Period to c. ad 650-Anup Chandra Pandey-DKPD-9788124601358

From the Vedas to Sutra and Smriti texts, from the time honoured epics to the foreigners’ trav..

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India, Another Way of Life-Tzannis Tzannetakis-DKPD-9788124600832

“A journey to India . . . is quite unlike a journey to any other land . . .” — this sentiment ..

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Indian Thought Between Tradition and the Culture of Technology-David L. Johnson-DKPD-9788124600467

The book is a brilliant socio-cultural study of the contemporary Indian society in the context..

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