Activists Forever?,Edited by Olivier Fillieule , Erik Neveu,Cambridge University Press,9781108428729,

Activists Forever? explores the consequences of political involvement on an individual's life. While..

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Adivasis and the State,Alf Gunvald Nilsen,Cambridge University Press India Pvt Ltd (CUPIPL),9781108496537,

In Adivasis and the State, Alf Gunvald Nilsen presents a major study of how subalternity is both con..

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An Introduction to Japanese Society 4th Ed,Yoshio Sugimoto,Cambridge University Press,9781107626676,

Now in its fourth edition, An Introduction to Japanese Society remains essential reading for student..

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Anatomies of Revolution,George Lawson,Cambridge University Press,9781108710855,

Recent years have seen renewed interest in the study of revolution. Spurred by events like the 2011 ..

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Appearance Bias and Crime,Edited by Bonnie Berry,Cambridge University Press,9781108432016,

Relying on experts in criminology and sociology, Appearance Bias and Crime describes the role of bia..

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Approaches to Class Analysis,WRIGHT,Cambridge University Press,9780521843041,

Few themes have been as central to sociology as 'class' and yet class remains a perpetually conteste..

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Becoming Activists in Global China,Andrew Junker,Cambridge University Press,9781108482998,

Becoming Activists in Global China is the first purely sociological study of the religious movement ..

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Borrowing Together,Hsu,Cambridge University Press,9781108420525,

n Borrowing Together, Becky Hsu examines the social aspects of the most intriguing element of group-..

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Caring Capitalism,Barman,Cambridge University Press,9781107088153,

Companies are increasingly championed for their capacity to solve social problems. Yet what happens ..

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Community Development in an Uncertain World-Vision, Analysis and Practice-IFE-Cambridge University Press-9781107543362

In Community Development in an Uncertain World, Jim Ife draws on the principles of social justice, e..

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