English Literature

English Literature

A History of Early Modern Women's Writing,Phillippy,Cambridge University Press,9781107137066,

A History of Early Modern Women's Writing is essential reading for students and scholars working in ..

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A History of English Autobiography,SMYTH,Cambridge University Press,9781107078413,

A History of English Autobiography explores the genealogy of autobiographical writing in England fro..

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A Midsummer Nights Dream (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)-SHAKESPEARE-Cambridge University Press-9781107675513

A Midsummer Nights Dream (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)-SHAKESPEARE-Cambridge University Press..

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Adapting Bestsellers,Ken Gelder,Cambridge University Press,9781108731089,

This Element looks at adaptations of bestselling works of popular fiction to cinema, television, sta..

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After Derrida,Rabaté,Cambridge University Press,9781108444521,

This collection of essays explores the main concepts and methods of reading launched by French philo..

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After Foucault,DOWNING,Cambridge University Press,9781316506042,

The work of Michel Foucault is much read, widely cited, and occasionally misunderstood. In response ..

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After Queer Studies,Edited by Tyler Bradway , E. L. McCallum,Cambridge University Press,9781108739733,

After Queer Studies maps the literary influences that facilitated queer theory's academic emergence ..

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An Introduction to Research-THORAT-Cambridge University Press-9788175967106 (PB)

An Introduction to Research is a differently written book that tries to explode the myth that all re..

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Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson,Roberts,Cambridge University Press,9781316619971,

Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson by Hesther Lynch Piozzi was originally published in 1786. It proved to b..

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Animal Fables after Darwin,Chris Danta,Cambridge University Press,9781108428200,

The ancient form of the animal fable, in which the characteristics of humans and animals are playful..

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