Bach's Feet,Yearsley,Cambridge University Press,9781316639832,

The organist seated at the king of instruments with thousands of pipes rising all around him, his ha..

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Becoming Heinrich Schenker,MORGAN,Cambridge University Press,9781107640801,

Much controversy surrounds Schenker's mature theory and its attempt to explain musical pitch motion...

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Beethoven's Theatrical Quartets,November,Cambridge University Press,9781316639597,

Beethoven's middle-period quartets, Opp. 59, 74 and 95, are pieces that engage deeply with the aesth..

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British Musical Modernism,RUPPRECHT,Cambridge University Press,9781316649527,

British Musical Modernism explores the works of eleven key composers to reveal the rapid shifts of e..

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CCMC : CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO THE MUSICAL,Everett,Cambridge University Press,9780521796392,

This Companion provides an accessible survey of one of the liveliest and most popular forms of music..

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Dance and Drama in French Baroque Opera,Rebecca Harris-Warrick,Cambridge University Press,9781107137899,

Since its inception, French opera has embraced dance, yet all too often operatic dancing is treated ..

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Elliott Carter Studies,Boland,Cambridge University Press,9781316639962,

Over the course of an astonishingly long career, Elliott Carter has engaged with many musical develo..

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Ernest Bloch Studies,Knapp,Cambridge University Press,9781107039094,

Ernest Bloch left his native Switzerland to settle in the United States in 1916. One of the great tw..

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French Music and Jazz in Conversation,MAWER,Cambridge University Press,9781316633878,

French concert music and jazz often enjoyed a special creative exchange across the period 1900–65. F..

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Harrison Birtwistle's Operas and Music Theatre,Beard,Cambridge University Press,9781316641989,

David Beard presents the first definitive survey of Harrison Birtwistle's music for the opera house ..

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Italian Opera in the Age of the American Revolution,Polzonetti,Cambridge University Press,9781316641187,

How did revolutionary America appear to European audiences through their opera glasses? The operas s..

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Medieval Song in Romance Languages,Haines,Cambridge University Press,9781316639801,

In this book, John Haines presents a detailed survey of songs performed in Vulgar Latin and early Ro..

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