After Greenwashing,Frances Bowen,Cambridge University Press,9781107421738,

Businesses promote their environmental awareness through green buildings, eco-labels, sustainability..

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Agent-Based Strategizing,Duncan A. Robertson,Cambridge University Press,9781108738019,

Strategic management is a system of continual disequilibrium, with firms in a continual struggle for..

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Agility.X,PRANGE,Cambridge University Press,9781108424202,

In recent years, the concept of agility has captured the executive imagination, and leaders in a var..

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ASEAN Champions,Park,Cambridge University Press,9781107129009,

With a population of about six hundred million people, and a combined GNP of more than US$ 2.4 trill..

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ASEAN Champions-Seung Ho Park-Cambridge University Press-9781107569591 (PB)

With a population of about six hundred million people, and a combined GNP of more than US$ 2.4 trill..

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Asian Corporate Governance,Yoshikawa,Cambridge University Press,9781108450362,

This Element aims to achieve three objectives. First, it explores some key institutional characteris..

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Bribery and Corruption in Weak Institutional Environments,Shaomin Li,Cambridge University Press,9781108492898,

Drawing on twenty years of research and observations, Li explains how bribery and corruption are car..

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Building Technology Transfer within Research Universities,Allen,Cambridge University Press,9780521876537,

For the past number of years, academic entrepreneurship has become one of the most widely studied to..

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Business Ethics and Continental Philosophy South Asian Edition,Morland,Cambridge University Press,9781107608702,

Business ethics has largely been written from the perspective of analytical philosophy with very lit..

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