Classical Studies

Classical Studies

Abused Bodies in Roman Epic,Andrew M. McClellan,Cambridge University Press,9781108482622,

Greco-Roman martial epic poetry, from Homer and Virgil to Neronian and Flavian epic, is obsessed wit..

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Aeschylus: Suppliants,Edited with Introduction and Notes by Alan H. Sommerstein,Cambridge University Press,9781107686717,

Many of the themes of Aeschylus' Suppliants - the treatment of refugees, forced marriage, ethnic and..

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Aesthetic Experiences and Classical Antiquity,Grethlein,Cambridge University Press,9781107192652,

In this bold book, Jonas Grethlein proposes a new dialogue between the fields of Classics and aesthe..

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Afterlives of Augustus, AD 14–2014,Penelope J. Goodman,Cambridge University Press,9781108423687,

The bimillennium of Augustus' death on 19 August 2014 commemorated not only the end of his life but ..

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Afterlives of the Roman Poets,Nora Goldschmidt,Cambridge University Press,9781107180253,

Conscious of ancient modes of reading poetry 'for the life', Roman poets encoded versions of their l..

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An Anthology of Informal Latin, 200 BC–AD 900,Adams,Cambridge University Press,9781107039773,

This book contains over fifty passages of Latin from 200 BC to AD 900, each with translation and lin..

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Analogical Investigations-Lloyd-Camridge University Press-9781107518377

Analogical Investigations-Lloyd-Camridge University PressWestern philosophy and science are responsi..

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Ancient Greece and China Compared,Lloyd,Cambridge University Press,9781107086661,

Ancient Greece and China Compared is a pioneering, methodologically sophisticated set of studies, br..

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Ancient Mythological Images and their Interpretation,LORENZ,Cambridge University Press,9780521139724,

When we try to make sense of pictures, what do we gain when we use a particular method - and what mi..

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Ancient Ships,Cecil Torr,Cambridge University Press,9781107615717,

Originally published in 1894, this book presents a detailed study of ships from the Mediterranean ar..

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Antiochus and Peripatetic Ethics,Georgia Tsouni,Cambridge University Press,9781108420587,

This book offers a fresh analysis of the account of Peripatetic ethics in Cicero's On Ends 5, which ..

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Apollonius Rhodius, Herodotus and Historiography,A. D. Morrison,Cambridge University Press,9781108492324,

This book examines the Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes through one aspect of its relationship wi..

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