Bread, Cement, Cactus,Annie Zaidi,Cambridge University Press India Pvt Ltd (CUPIPL),9781108814638,

n this exploration of the meaning of home, Annie Zaidi reflects on the places in India from which sh..

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Corporate Islam,Sloane-White,Cambridge University Press,9781107184329,

Compelling and original, this book offers a unique insight into the modern Islamic corporation, reve..

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Cultural Models in Language and Thought,Holland/Quinn,Cambridge University Press,9780521311687,

The papers in this volume, a multidisciplinary collaboration of anthropologists, linguists, and psyc..

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Economic Life in the Real World,Charles Stafford,Cambridge University Press,9781108716550,

This clearly written and engaging book brings together anthropology, psychology and economics to sho..

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Emotional Worlds,Andrew Beatty,Cambridge University Press,9781107020993,

Are emotions human universals? Is the concept of emotion an invention of Western tradition? If peopl..

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Emotional Worlds,Andrew Beatty,Cambridge University Press,9781107605374,

Are emotions human universals? Is the concept of emotion an invention of Western tradition? If peopl..

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Ethnolinguistics and Cultural Concepts,Underhill,Cambridge University Press,9781107532847,

Ethnolinguistics' is the study of how language relates to culture and ethnicity. This book offers an..

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Farm to Fingers,Kiranmayi Bhushi,Cambridge University Press India Pvt Ltd (CUPIPL),9781108416290,

This book studies food practices in contemporary India by situating them in their political, economi..

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From Anthropology to Social Theory-Rethinking the Social Sciences-Cambridge University Press-9781108438384

Presenting a ground-breaking revitalization of contemporary social theory, this book revisits the ri..

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Ghost Land,HARDINGE,Cambridge University Press,9781108067942,

A lecturer and writer on spiritualism, Emma Hardinge Britten (1823–99) acted as a medium in both Eng..

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